Guided Tours: Bootstrap tour vs. LinkedIn Hopscotch

Fea­tures Hop­scotch Boot­strap­Tour Notes Effi­ciency Rough IE based quick met­ric** Javascript file size (mini­fied) 21kb 24.97kb CSS file size (mini­fied) 11.2kb 2.32kb Javascript load time 78ms 281ms CSS load time 47ms 141ms Options Per Step Options Per Step Options tar­get ele­ment place­ment place­ment title title con­tent con­tent width x padding x xOff­set x yOff­set x arrowOff­set x […]


Again, before trash­ing my notes, here’s a quick list. I don’t go into the detail, but on a high level its a good start.   TCP UDP I am depend­able I am fast Connection-oriented Connection-less Ordered Un-ordered Reli­able pack­ets trans­fer Not-so-reliable packet trans­fer Heavy weight (slow) Light weight (fast) Fire and For­get Chilled out receiver pro­cess­ing ACK […]

Applied Network Layer Basics

My acronym to remem­ber the net­work ISOOSI layer is APSTNDP. I’m not into net­work pro­gram­ming, but the basics help in being a good soft­ware pro­gram­mer. Fol­low­ing is the index (and some notes I made along the way). It cap­tures the big pic­ture and a bet­ter ref­er­ence, than just head­ings given in the book, […]

Error: In order to perform this operation a successful bind must be completed on the connection.

Typ­i­cally this error hap­pens with the LDAP queries. I was using the System.DirectoryServices to find one of the Secu­rity Groups mem­bers. For me every­thing worked fine, until I changed the pass­word of the account under which the code was run­ning. If you are an IIS user, then the ser­vice account pass­word change can trig­ger this error. […]

Chrome bug — Error in event handler for undefined IndexSizeError: DOM Exception 1 Error: Index or size was negative, or greater than the allowed value.

  Inter­est­ingly this error was not caught even by my window.onerror — the rea­son why I couldn’t see it in the trace when peo­ple started com­plain­ing about weird click events with chrome.   Workaround: This will not work if the error is inside a library. Well unless you prototype/inherit the method (if its […]

Microsoft JScript runtime error: Object doesn’t support property or method ‘live’

Have you ever received this error in the con­sole. The client side MVC val­i­da­tion runs into this error quite often. Par­tic­u­larly if you start a new MVC 4 project with lat­est jQuery. Well lat­est and great­est is good, but this error is par­tic­u­larly annony­ing. Res­o­lu­tion jQuery migrate is a library that was cre­ated to resolve […]

WebAPI JSON serializer and .NET 4.0 Tuple

So, you thought that you would cre­ate any type in C# and the default WebAPI seri­al­izer will auto-magically dese­ri­al­ize every thing for you? Tuple<int, int, string, string.….…… and you’d go on for­ever and still the seri­al­izer fig­ures out what you meant. Doesn’t hap­pen. Of course an alter­na­tive is to use a spe­cial type — I’d recommend […]

Windows Azure Caching simplified

A lot of mate­r­ial is avail­able on the Win­dows Azure por­tal and it is over­whelm­ing at start. I’ve tried to show the infor­ma­tion pic­to­r­ial for a big­ger pic­ture. The code sam­ples are avail­able for how to use or con­sume the cache — I wouldn’t be pro­vid­ing that. For now just under­stand that pro­vi­sion­ing the cache […]

WebClient versus HttpClient to consume HTTP requests

I hope to add more from my expe­ri­ence, but here’s a good start on the topic. While in past devel­op­ers chose to go bare bones with WebRe­quest and WebRe­sponse class, it is no longer nec­es­sary. While you may abstract out the ways to make HTTP calls in your appli­ca­tion for loose cou­pling, fol­low­ing are the options […]

Making HTTP Get Request Programmatically downloading multiple files and extracting into Stream and save to Windows Azure Blob Storage

I did this using .NET ver­sion 4.5. Please make the REST call more elab­o­rate and mem­ory usage tighter. Use async key­word as the call is an IO. Set up Local­Re­source stor­age on Win­dows Azure ( Make a REST­ful GET call to down­load a bunch of CSV packed into zip (archive as .NET C# libraries call it). […]

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